A wealth management firm in New York says the most profitable places to invest money are in New Jersey and California.ABC 7 News asked if New York is the best state to invest in, and it said New York’s wealth management companies have made more than $1 billion from investments in the state since 2009.ABC7 News also asked about the state’s wealth managers.

They said New Jersey has the highest average returns for a national fund, and California’s returns are the highest for a fund with assets over $2 billion.

The wealth management firms said they offer high-quality funds with high returns and low fees.

They said New Hampshire’s funds have outperformed the S&P 500 index and outperformed most other funds with funds under $2 million.

The average fund fee is $4,000.

For more information on investing in New Hampshire, call the state of New Hampshire at (603) 442-7100 or visit the state website at www.nh.gov.