Warren Buffett will be the new chief executive officer of Berkshire, but that won’t mean he’s giving up on his legacy as a founder and investor.

In fact, he’s likely to continue to lead the conglomerate as it moves forward, according to a statement from Berkshire Hathway CEO and chairman Warren Buffett.

Berkshire Hathwell (NYSE,BRK.

A) will remain as a private company and its boards will have a seat on the company’s boards and the board of directors of its affiliates, the statement said. 

“In addition to continuing to focus on the fundamental strength of Berkshire and its businesses, the Buffett leadership team believes that a more focused and diversified Berkshire can remain an important and important shareholder in a challenging and dynamic global economy,” the statement continued.

“The board believes it is in the best interests of Berkshire to have its leadership and corporate leadership focused on achieving shareholder value and, to that end, Berkshire Hathowners will continue to have an equal voice in the company, which will continue under Mr. Buffett’s leadership.” 

For Buffett, this is a very important moment in his life. 

He’s been the subject of a lot of speculation recently, including rumors that he might be considering a move to buy a stake in a competitor.

While that speculation was not confirmed, the speculation surrounding Buffett’s position has been a lot less than he’d hoped.

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Buffett, along with a few of his close associates, had repeatedly suggested that he’d consider a potential run for the White House.

After he lost, Buffett told reporters he was “very disappointed.” 

“I think people who’ve done it before have done it really well, and I have done well,” Buffett told CNBC in November. 

But after the 2016 presidential election, he admitted that he didn’t think he could win. 

At the time, Buffett said that he believed Donald Trump would win because of “a combination of his temperament and his character,” which he also attributed to the fact that he’s not afraid to say what he believes is true. 

So, when it comes to what he thinks is the right way to do business, it seems that Buffett will continue working with Berkshire Hathaways corporate structure. 

Buffett said in a conference call with analysts that he had “an excellent understanding” of how the company operates. 

When the news of Buffett’s retirement was first reported, the stock price went up by almost 5 percent. 

In the same conference call, Buffett also revealed that he was looking to take on other business-related roles, including working on a new investment vehicle. 

And Buffett’s new venture will involve Berkshire Hathways investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

If Buffett decides to move on, it’ll be a major change for the company. 

The CEO said that the company will continue doing what it does best. 

For the company to grow, Buffett will need to be able to do more with less. 

On top of that, Berkshire’s stock price has been trending downward since late October. 

A few months ago, Buffett called the stock a “shambles” and said that its market value was in the $50 billion range.

 But the stock was still valued at around $30 billion when the stock began to plummet in late October, and it’s now trading at just under $18 billion. 

Over the past year, Buffett has been spending his time with the Buffett Foundation, giving it a lot more of an emphasis on philanthropy. 

To date, Buffett’s foundation has donated nearly $3.8 billion, according the foundation’s website. 

After a rocky year in 2017, the foundation has continued to make significant contributions, including more than $1 billion for the first six months of 2018. 

There are a lot factors at play here.

First, the company has been trading at an all-time high.

Buffett has invested in companies like ExxonMobil, and he’s a huge proponent of renewable energy, which he sees as a key part of the economy. 

Additionally, the Berkshire Hathys latest earnings report showed that Berkshire Hathows earnings rose 21 percent to $7.836 billion, an increase of nearly $4 billion over the prior year. 

That increase came despite Buffett’s criticism of Berkshire’s dividend.

The billionaire, in an interview with CNBC in February, said that his fund’s dividend had been too low, and that he wanted to increase it to $1.50 a share, as well as increase its dividend by as much as 20 percent over the next three years. 

Berkshire’s CEO has been outspoken in his criticism of the stock’s earnings over the years.

Last month, Buffett took to Twitter to decry the company for failing to deliver on its promise to increase its annual dividend. 

Then in March,