On the day that President Donald Trump is scheduled to give a speech on tax reform at the University of Michigan, his new investment portfolio of $4,700 billion is not very rich.

According to the latest quarterly financial reports released by the president’s tax return, Trump has put in an estimated $4 billion in net worth over the past four years.

That includes his $5 billion in taxable income from his real estate empire, which has risen dramatically since he announced he was running for president in May.

It also includes his ownership stake in the golf course that Trump bought in 2015 for $250 million.

In all, Trump’s assets are valued at about $6.8 trillion, according to the report, which does not include assets from his various ventures or his investments in other businesses.

Trump also put in $4 million in charitable donations in 2017, and he donated $500,000 to a school for children with disabilities in December.

The new reports show that Trump’s net worth is not exactly high.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported in March that Trump is worth about $4 trillion, which is less than what Trump said during his presidential campaign.

But the president also said in February that his wealth is “very, very well spread,” according to an Axios report.

That is not a statement that would be accurate, as he does not have an exact number on his wealth.

Instead, the president told CBS News’ 60 Minutes that he doesn’t have a “very good number” on his total wealth.

He also has made some comments about his wealth that suggest he does.

During an interview with CNBC on April 27, he said that he has a “fairly good” amount of wealth, and then went on to say that his assets are “not very, very rich.”

The White House did not respond to a request for comment about whether Trump has made any new statements about his financial position over the years.

According, a Reuters report in July 2016, Trump told investors that his net worth was $5.6 billion.

The president told the Wall Street Journal on July 29 that he made $7 billion in profits from his Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City.

Trump has been a frequent critic of the Federal Reserve for its rate-setting policy, which he believes hurts his bottom line.

In a June 26 tweet, Trump said that the Federal Open Market Committee, which sets the Fed’s interest rate, is “playing games” with the economy, and that he expects the rate hike to be “substantially bigger than it is.”

Trump has also said that inflation and unemployment are not keeping pace with his policies, and have blamed Fed policies for causing job losses and slowing the economy.

The economy has added only about 2.8 million jobs since Trump took office, but the president has made no effort to address the economic challenges he has created.