It’s no secret that people invest in their own wealth and this is one of the key points of Gibbs Wealth Management, which aims to increase the value of wealth held by their customers.

In the past, investors would take a risk and put money into a mutual fund and then invest the money to build up their portfolio, but that was the case before the financial crisis.

Now, Gibbs aims to reduce the amount of risk that is taken, with its first asset class, the “Gibbs Wealth”, being offered as a product to help investors build wealth. 

The company is offering up to $100,000 to any investor who is a Gibbs Trust Fund holder and has invested at least $1,000,000 in a Gibs fund. 

If you have a Gibb fund and are willing to put in the initial investment, you’ll be eligible for a cash payment of up to a certain amount. 

Gibb said that, in a market where people are investing more in their portfolios than ever before, it was important to make sure that everyone had access to a fund like this.

“The goal of the Gibbs Global Investment Fund is to make the investment process as frictionless as possible for everyone,” it said in a statement.

“With Gibbs, you can take the risk out of the equation and focus on the value and rewards of owning your own wealth.”

What does the Gibs Global Investment fund offer?

Gibs Global Investments is a new product that aims to boost the value held by Gibbs clients.

“We are introducing the first ever Gibbs Investment Fund to the global market and aim to deliver a wealth-building experience for Gibbs investors and their families,” it added. 

“Our focus is to give Gibbs the best possible return to our clients with the greatest risk exposure, and also to make it easy for them to manage their wealth.”

To make the offering, Gibs said that it was partnering with investment firm KPMG and the Financial Times. 

As well as offering the $100k cash payment, the Gibb Global Investment will offer a portfolio management service, including advice on what the market might look like 20 years down the road.

The $100K payout is a fraction of the fees that a mutual funds like Gibbs offer, but it’s still worth considering. 

In an age where mutual funds are becoming more popular, it’s important to remember that they offer a very different way of investing. 

With the value on their investments falling, and the need to keep them safe, investors should not be forced to take on excessive risk. 

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