Briley’s investment banking arm, Briley, has announced it is launching in-person investing banking services in partnership with Next Big Finance.

The new platform will offer the opportunity for clients to open up their accounts in-house and engage in private equity-style investment banking.

The service is currently available in the UK and will be rolled out to the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

“Investment banking can be a tough job, and the way we solve that challenge has never been easier,” said Michael Byrne, the head of investment banking at Briley.

“We are delighted to partner with Next-Big-Finance to bring our unique experience to bear on this new service, which is available for people who need access to investment banking for their first time.”

The investment banking services will be available to people who are currently on a PAYE-to-cash-settlement (C2C) loan from Briley and who want to access investment banking to meet their needs.

The service will also enable individuals who have no access to bank accounts or who have had bank account closures to open their accounts on the platform, while also allowing clients to manage their personal finances through their own accounts.

“The Briley platform is the perfect solution for people looking to get on their feet and start investing, and we are confident that it will prove a fantastic asset to the growing investment banking industry in the years ahead,” said Mike Byrne.

Briley is a global asset management company with a portfolio of funds and investment vehicles across the investment banking and asset management space.

Brett Miller, CEO of Next Big, said: “We believe this is a huge opportunity for consumers and businesses alike to get into the banking industry with access to the services of a global banking leader and access to top talent in the field.”

As the leading provider of private equity investment banking, we are excited to partner and explore this new opportunity with a financial institution that shares our commitment to being the best investment banking partner in the world.””

We have been working with NextBig for a number of years, with the opportunity to expand to more places and with Briley joining our team in 2017, we now have a world-class financial institution in Briley who can provide the most efficient and secure access to a global investment banking platform,” he added.

Bryan Gorman, CEO at Next Big Financial, said, “NextBig is delighted to welcome Briley to the NextBig family.

Our focus is on offering investment banking that meets the needs of the financial services industry in New Zealand, and Briley will be an important part of the company’s efforts to offer a high-performing and innovative service.

“Our investment banking team will continue to work closely with NextBit to bring innovative solutions that help our clients and partners achieve their goals and increase the returns on their investments,” he said.

Bryant said that NextBig would not be in any hurry to shut the doors of its investment banking business and would be able to offer its services to more individuals in the future.

“NextBig has a rich history in the investment lending and lending industry and we have been a part of that since it opened in 2012,” he continued.

“As we move forward we will be looking at ways to further strengthen our presence in the banking space, particularly in New York and beyond.”

Brileys existing business is in the process of closing its New Zealand branch and has plans to open a new one in the US in the next few years.

Next Big said that Briley is also a client of its New York branch and that Brileys in-store banking service will continue in New England and the US.