The U.S. hedge fund company will add $1.5 million to its asset management business this year, according to a statement.

Lexington will make the announcement during its second-quarter earnings call, the company said. 

The $5 million in capital expenditure comes from the $20 million it has already spent to expand its asset-management division and to help meet increased client demand for its proprietary technology and tools, the statement said.

Lexington also announced plans to raise $1 million through a stock sale this year.

The company said it expects to make a total of $30 million to $35 million in annual revenue for 2017, including $10 million to help fund a new headquarters in New York City. 

In an interview, Lexington CEO and co-founder Mark Clements said the company has expanded its focus to other sectors of the market.

The company has focused its efforts on emerging markets and the Asian region, including China and the Philippines, he said.

For example, the firm has focused on investing in the emerging markets market for both technology and capital and has invested in companies that have become key to the transition to a low-carbon economy, he added. 

“We are a leader in technology and asset management, and we think we have a pretty solid pipeline,” Clements told CNBC.

“We have very deep experience and expertise in asset management.” 

Lexington has been a leader for some time in asset-tracking and financial-markets technology, Clements added.

He said the firm also has been building its financial-market technology, which is able to monitor financial markets and make intelligent investments.