NEW YORK — Citigroup will make an initial public offering of its U.S. equity-market fund.

The company said Friday that it will use $1 billion in proceeds from the offering to fund an additional $2 billion in new investment in emerging market funds.

The fund, the Emerging Markets Equity Fund, will be a separate unit from the U.K. fund.

Citigroup is not disclosing the amount of the fund or its size.

Citigroup said the fund is being formed by Citi’s newly formed Strategic Equity Investment Advisory Board, which includes top global financial regulators, as well as global asset managers, fund managers, financial advisers and institutional investors.

It also includes representatives from some of the largest U.A.E. countries, as the fund aims to build a strong international presence.

The fund’s first two years will be led by Citigroup’s Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit and Chief Financial Officer Dan DiMicco.

Citi said the funds would offer high-quality exposure to a broad range of emerging markets and to the broader equity market.

It will have more than $100 billion in assets under management, it said.

The first fund to be offered in the U, which is the U.

“Citibank is also raising about $2.5 billion in an initial-public offering of a new $5 billion fund, which it has also said is a separate offering.

The initial offering is expected to raise $3.5 trillion in market capitalization, Citigroup said.

Citicigroup said it has more than 1,000 international institutional investors, including some of Europe’s biggest banks, as it builds its portfolio.

The firm said the portfolio of funds includes more than 40 U.

As and $100 trillion in assets, and that it aims to provide “robust, sustainable and diversified investment opportunities” to both U. shareholders and global investors.