The process is simple: put a dollar amount into an ig, and wait.

Then when the ig comes in, you’re in the clear.

 “This is a smart investment, but it requires a lot of patience,” says Jim Hogg, an investment strategist and author of the book The Ig.

In the U.S., an ig can be purchased for $2,500 and sold for $1.4 million. “

The biggest risk is that you miss out on the great rewards of owning an ig.”

In the U.S., an ig can be purchased for $2,500 and sold for $1.4 million.

And as with any other investment, you need to keep in mind the value of the business, Hogg says.

“An ig doesn’t have a great track record of growth, so a business that’s growing at 1% a year is not a good investment for the value that an ig offers,” he says.

“So you want to invest the money into a business with a solid track record, so you can buy a solid business when it’s ready to go.”

So if you’ve got a business plan and a plan B, but can’t wait until you see it in action, Hagg says you’re a fool.

If you’re interested in owning an ice cream parlor or even a golf course, you might want to consider investing in the real estate market.

And if you want a little more flexibility, there are other investments to consider.

An ig is just one example of many ways to get rich on an ig.

Some are a more tangible way to earn money, like an ig that you own outright or a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Another type of investment is an investment in a company like a stock.

The same investor can also take on a debt of $1,000 or more and pay it off in the next 12 months.

As Hogg puts it, an ig is an asset that has “a very low price.”

“You can get an investment like that for $10,000, which is very appealing,” he adds.

For more information on ig investing, check out Hogg’s video on the subject below.