DALLAS — A Dallas Cowboys receiver, who will get his first suspension this season, is facing his first season of fines and could wind down a lucrative career as a millionaire by the end of the season.

The first-round draft pick, WRs Martavis Bryant and Brandon Carr, will be suspended for one game each on Monday and will forfeit $1.5 million of their $2.5-million guaranteed salary.

The Cowboys will be eligible to re-sign Bryant, who had been their top target in free agency.

Carr, a free agent, will forfeit an additional $500,000 of his $2-million guarantee.

They each will be subject to fines and penalties of up to $1,000 a game for their roles in the Cowboys’ $1 million bounty scandal in 2017.

The NFL’s two-game suspension of the two Cowboys was announced Tuesday and was first reported by CBS Sports.

Bryant and Carr are the only two Cowboys to be suspended, but the NFL’s investigation into the bounty scandal was halted by former league commissioner Roger Goodell in October 2018.

Both players appealed the suspension, but Goodell’s decision on the suspensions has not been released.

The players have said they were unaware of the bounty program and said they did not take part in the bounty.

In December, Bryant and two other players were sentenced to prison terms for their involvement in the scheme, which involved a bounty paid to players who caught the eye of the Cowboys.

The two players have already had their suspensions reduced to six games, with the exception of Carr, who was fined $1-million for his role in the probe.

They were also suspended for two games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The suspensions of Bryant and his teammates will also put a cap on the Cowboys salary cap, which is set to increase by $5 million next year.

It will make it harder for the team to field a full-fledged championship team, and it may result in a possible reduction of the salary cap to the cap level of $123 million for the 2019 season.

Bryant, a second-round pick, was a second round pick by the Cowboys in 2014.

He was named a first-team All-Pro in 2017 and earned a Pro Bowl selection in 2018.

Carr was a third-round selection by the Broncos in 2013.

He had two seasons with the Cowboys before being released in December 2018.