A wealth-management firm is planning to make a splash by launching a service that promises to help people with money-related issues.

It’s called Cordatus Wealth Management and is aimed at helping people with financial issues who don’t want to go through a bank or credit union.

It would be a service where you would have the opportunity to put together a portfolio and invest it with people in the country and give them access to financial advice and investment tools, said Robyn O’Neill, co-founder of Cordatus.

Cordatus is based in Ontario, and its founders have a background in wealth management.

O’Neil and her husband have been working with people who have money problems for the last 20 years.

It was a good fit because we had a lot of experience in that space, and so we thought it was really the right thing to do, O’Nellis said.

We are also in the same field of wealth management and are very comfortable in it.

“What Cordatus has in store for CanadiansThe Cordatus platform has a simple goal: to help you manage your wealth in Canada, according to O’Neills.

It would be like a savings account that you could open with a debit card and would be tied to the bank account.

It has a range of investment options that are designed to help ensure you’re investing your money into your future.

There are a few tools available, like a tax deduction calculator and a tool that will help you sort through your investments.

They also have a tool to help manage your portfolio, O ‘Nellises said.

It has been a long time coming, she said.

They started working with Canadians as early as 2005 and are currently the largest provider of financial advice in the U.S.

It will be available on the Cordatus website in the coming months.

O’Neill said they are hoping to bring Cordatus to the U, but are also looking at other countries, and will be open to partnerships with other financial institutions in the future.

We are looking at a few other jurisdictions that have been a great fit, O`Neill said.

There are some in the Middle East, some in Asia.

The U.K. is definitely a great place to look.