The Dakota wealth management service provider is offering to buy up to $300,000 worth of stock from a company named Kite Pharma.

That stock would be worth $2,500 per share, the company says.

The stock would then be bought up to the $300 million in Dakota’s debt limit, according to the news release.

The company said the purchase is not related to the Dakota debt crisis, and it would not discuss the specifics of the deal.

Dakota says it has $15 billion in assets under management and plans to repay $4 billion in debt by the end of 2019.

The Dakota stock purchase would not affect Dakota’s ability to repay the debt, the news company said.

The purchase price represents less than 10% of Dakota’s total debt, but it’s worth about $7 billion, the release said.

It’s unclear how much of Dakota would be sold for.

Dakota’s stock was valued at $14.9 billion on Thursday.