A group of Australians is taking a stand against the coronavirus and its related wealth management programs.

The Coronastain, an independent charity that offers free education and housing to disadvantaged people, is working with the Royal Bank of Australia to launch a Coronaxa program.

Coronaxes are a new type of money management program for low-income Australians, which allows them to earn a return on their assets with a low tax rate.

In a blogpost, Coronactors CEO, Steve Stowell, said the Coronay was a “revolutionary” program that would change the lives of the poor.

“Coronay is a revolutionary program that will allow the poor to earn income from their assets in a manner that is comparable to what is available to high-income people,” Mr Stowell wrote.

“The program is completely free and the funds are administered by the Royal Family, so it’s a non-partisan, grassroots approach that provides a sustainable, long-term solution for those most in need.”

Coronavalists has been running Coronacaxa, a pilot program to test whether Coronays wealth management can help poor Australians.

“It is not a new program,” Mr Flatt said.

“But we were able to launch the program with a pilot funded by the Australian Government, which was the most successful in the world.”

We’re just taking it one step further.

“If you think about it, this program can provide a lifetime income for an average Australian, and it will help them to move up the ladder, which is so important for a lot of families.”

Coronais program was funded by Australia’s Government through the Coronialist Program.

Coronetas mission is to “create opportunities for disadvantaged Australians who have been overlooked by the Commonwealth, and build up a better Australia”.

“We are also working with businesses, community organisations and other partners to ensure this program will be effective for the whole community,” Mr Coronetas website says.

“By encouraging the creation of a healthy, well-functioning and sustainable Australian economy, we can create opportunities for those in need, so they can build a better future for themselves and their families.”

The Coroneta program is set to launch in Queensland next month, with more states set to follow.

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