A new company is offering the same level of services as traditional wealth management companies but with a unique name.

It is called Heritage Wealth Management and is set to launch this week in Australia and New Zealand.

“It is about providing the best value for your money and providing you with the best services and products for your business and your family,” Heritage CEO, Andrew Doyle, said.

The company has been designed to be a one stop shop for investors, asset managers and financial advisers who want to access an asset manager’s expertise.

Its name comes from a popular song from the 1980s about a dollhouse that holds the key to a wealthy and successful family.

Doyle is confident the new product will be able to offer services to everyone.

His company’s first product is called a ‘simple wealth management’ system.

For the new system, investors are asked to provide a certain amount of cash.

That money can be invested into a fund and then they are given a basket of assets and services to choose from.

Investors can then select which assets to hold in their account, and then manage the funds themselves.

This is then replicated in every other asset management system in the world.

Mr Doyle said the new service could help investors achieve their retirement goals and he said they were a good fit for both individuals and business owners.

A similar service has been launched in the UK.

Ms Smith said the service was “quite a good deal” compared to traditional asset managers.

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