The technology is becoming the new way of managing wealth and, for some, it is providing better returns. 

With an initial public offering this year, KKR has become one of the most well-known firms in the wealth management space.

But a new wealth management company called Calamos Wealth Management has come to prominence.

The new venture is a venture capital firm that is investing in companies and individuals around the world with the aim of helping them realise their potential.

It is one of a handful of firms that are actively looking for companies that have an interesting idea, a business model and the ability to attract the right investors. 

In a new venture called CalAMos Wealth management, Calamoses aim is to help investors better understand the investment value of their assets. 

“If you have a property and it goes up, the value of that property goes up. 

What if you had a house that you bought in the future that went up in value?

And the value is a couple of hundred thousand dollars? 

If that house goes up in price by two hundred thousand you’re basically in a better position.

So if you have the ability for people to see that, it makes them think twice before they buy something,” said Calamose CEO David Whelan. 

The idea is to use an algorithm to help people understand the potential return on their investments, whether that be a home or a business, Calamos said.

“The idea was to see what the returns of investing in a property were on average. 

And then we would do some kind of analysis to see if those returns could actually be replicated on the real world,” Whela said. 

Calamaros Wealth manager David Whelm says his firm is looking for a good deal for its money (Source: Calamo Wealth Management)Calamose aims to provide the financial benefits of wealth managers like Calamocos to their clients.

The company offers financial planners a free toolkit of investment strategies and investment strategies for clients. 

As well as providing investors with a simple, intuitive, and cost-effective wealth management tool, Calamaros offers financial advisers access to its investment data, so they can compare and contrast their own investments.

“We think the investment returns of a good investment are worth about three times as much as a good dividend,” Whelm said.

The company also offers advice on how to choose the best investment strategy for your business. 

For example, CalAMo Wealth offers financial advisors a wealth management plan that helps them compare different investments.

The plan is a summary of the various investment options and the benefits and costs of each.

“I would say, if you want to invest in the stock market, it’s about five times better than a dividend.

And if you don’t want to, then you’re in the right ballpark.

And it’s more than enough to be profitable,” WHelan said.

“If you don, then it’s going to cost you a lot more.

So that’s something you need to think about.”

When you’re doing your own research, you can find out if the stock you’re looking at is a good stock or a bad stock,” he said.

Calamoos wealth management is a new investment tool, but it will become a core asset of Calamaroses business model. 

David Whelm is the co-founder of Calamoes Wealth Management (Calamoses wealth management). 

(Calamays wealth management)Calamaroses wealth manager David Whelm (left) and Calamats David (right) with the wealth management toolkit (Calamaroes wealth management logo) (Picture: Calamarose)CalAMos is currently looking for investment partners to help it develop the Wealth Management Toolkit.”

In the end we’ll probably want to start offering it to all of our clients.

But right now, we have a pretty limited number of people who are interested in our product,” Whelpan said in a press release.”

And as we grow, we’ll have more people that are interested, so we’ll continue to try and attract more people,” he added.

Calamarose also has a presence on the crowdfunding platform CrowdFlower.

But Calamaroes new approach is not without risks. “

We want to provide our clients with a better investment strategy and better investment advice than what we offer,” he continued. 

But Calamaroes new approach is not without risks. 

Whelan said that it is not a good idea to rely on your personal financial information when investing.

“Don’t rely on any personal information, even if it is for a product you’re developing, if it has nothing to do with your personal finances,” he advised.

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