Donald Trump’s tax returns released this week show that he paid $916 million in federal income taxes on $1.9 billion in income last year, according to a report by The New York Times.

The tax returns show that Trump paid an effective tax rate of 27.9 percent on the money.

The Times report also said that Trump was able to claim a deduction for charitable contributions of $916,200, which is $17.2 million, after the tax deductions were taken out.

The total amount of the deductions that Trump claimed was $12.9 million.

The president has said that he will pay at least $1 billion in taxes.

In addition to paying a lower tax rate than the typical person, Trump was also able to get a tax break on the rest of his income, because he was allowed to claim the exclusion for mortgage interest, as long as he wasn’t using it to make real estate investments.

In 2015, Trump claimed the mortgage interest deduction, which allowed him to take out a home mortgage loan without having to actually pay for the property, The New Yorker reported.