The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a wealth management industry snapshot, showing that the industry has seen a significant rise in wealth since 2013.

The wealth management sector has seen more than $30 billion in assets grow over the past five years, with investment managers and investment advisers contributing $17 billion to the sector.

More than $10 billion of this was in assets managed by the two major asset managers, TD Ameritrade and TD Ameris, with the other major asset manager, BlackRock, taking a smaller $2.6 billion.

The industry saw its biggest gain in assets in 2015, with more than 40 per cent of assets growing.

It also saw its greatest growth in assets over the period, with $16.4 billion of growth in asset size.

The growth in wealth in this sector is driven by the rise in interest rates in the financial markets, as well as higher asset returns from equities and bonds, which has resulted in a boom in the Australian property market.

The most expensive asset in Australia is the $1.9 trillion, 1,500-acre property property, Bunnings, in the Melbourne suburb of East Grinstead, with a price tag of $1 million per square foot.

The biggest increase in wealth over the same period was in the retail sector, with wealth growing by $5.3 billion in the year to December 31, 2016, or $14,300 per square metre.

In the asset management industry, the most expensive assets in the top 50 were the $2 million properties in Melbourne and Sydney, followed by the $3.6 million properties on Sydney’s Central Coast.

In Victoria, the two most expensive properties were the property in Wodonga and the $6 million property in Mount Isa.

The average property price for an investment property in Victoria is $1,300,000, while the average property in NSW is $6,400.

The median price in the asset managers top 50 was $2,700,000 for an average property.

The three most expensive Australian assets in 2016 were the Bunners $1-million property in East Grforth, the BNSF-owned property in Stirling, and the property located on the outskirts of Wodong in Melbourne’s south-east.

The next most expensive property was the $5 million property on the western outskirts of Canberra, with prices at $4,600,000.

The 10 most expensive residential properties in the world were located in China, with Perth’s Perth International Airport and Sydney’s Southbank being the only two properties in Australia to land the top spot.