Stifels Financial Group has announced that the football club is to become a subsidiary of CIBC Wealth Management, a company that has a portfolio of wealth management assets in the United Kingdom and Europe.

StifEL’s owners are the owners of Premier League side Fulham, and have previously invested in the investment arm of the New York Jets football club.

The partnership between Stifela and CIBR will see Stifelfast continue to operate independently of the Premier league and will be managed by a former senior adviser to the football clubs.

Stifel’s new owners have previously made a significant investment in the company, as it was the first Premier League club to receive a £4.6 million guarantee from CIBRC to fund its growth.

This investment was backed by a new $1.5 billion loan from the Premier division’s club sponsors and investment by the Premier, which was announced in July last year.

Stiffels Premier League Championship title-winning squadA number of former players and supporters were part of the Stifeltons team that won the Premier Football League title in 2016, with a majority of them having played in the top flight.

Former England captain Wayne Rooney joined Stifeled in a bid to secure the league title in 2018 and was part of a squad that won promotion to the Premier in 2019.

Stifael is set to be the first club to enter the new Premier League from the Championship.