The Biggest Deal ever!

It is no surprise to anyone that the $5 billion purchase of a chunk of the world’s assets by a major company has sparked a bidding war. 

The takeover of a global company by a large private equity firm in the middle of a crisis has the potential to shake up how the world works, and the world may be watching. 

But the deal is more than a merger between two giant firms.

It’s a merger of two worlds.

The world of the big banks is collapsing under their control, and a takeover of that global system by a multinational financial institution is a way to reverse that process. 

If you think of it this way, this merger is not about a merger.

It is about a takeover. 

What Is a Bigger Deal? 

If this merger were about a “bigger” deal, it would be the merger of JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley, the largest financial institutions in the world. 

In other words, JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley is a bigger deal than JP Morgan.

It would be a massive deal, because JP Morgan is an enormous institution with assets worth $2.8 trillion. 

It is an institution with more than 800,000 employees and an $18 trillion balance sheet. 

Morgan Stanley is the largest private equity company in the US.

It owns stakes in some of the biggest corporations in the United States and around the world, and has been investing in the financial sector since 2002. 

According to S&P Capital IQ, JPMorgan Chase &amp