A wealth management company that helps you track your money for retirement has been added to the UK’s list of “wealth managers” for the first time.

The Independent Investments Association said the new industry was the third major investment company to be added to its list of recommended firms following the investment firm DST Investment, which is also a wealth manager, and The Independent Financial Advisers Association (IFA), which offers financial advice.

It is not clear how many people are using the new services.

The IFA said it had 1,500 members and was looking at a growth rate of 2,000 a year, while DST has around 200 members.

However, the IFA’s chairman, Paul Hogg, said the group wanted to be the “go-to” place for people who wanted to track their money for their retirement.

“The wealth management business is a new and exciting business,” Mr Hogg said.

“It is a sector where a lot of people are looking for a way to have a more direct connection to their money.”

He said the IFM was not an investment company, but a wealth management platform that offers a wealth of information to help people manage their assets.

“We want to give people the knowledge to make decisions, whether that’s investing or saving,” he said.

In an update to its wealth management guidance, the ISA said a wealth managers role was often about “the managing of your assets”.

“Some assets are very valuable and the majority of the money you own is not worth much,” it said.

However the new information is not available to everyone, it added.

“For those who want to track how they spend their money, we are offering more information on the different types of accounts that you can use.”

This will help people better understand what types of investments are suitable for their situation.

“Mr Hogg suggested the industry needed more funding to help it grow.”

There’s an enormous need for more financial education,” he told the BBC.”

I would say that a lot more money is needed for this industry.

“You need to have the right balance between the financial education and the investment advice.”