New technology that’s giving wealth managers an easier time tracking their assets is making it possible to see the total value of a lot of different things.

A startup called 360 Wealth Management lets you use the app to get a real-time look at the value of your investments and to see how much you can realistically earn each year.

The app is free for everyone to try and it has a free version, which lets you see how many dollars you have left to invest, and the premium version lets you view your net worth, net worth as a percentage of your assets, as well as any other data that could help you make decisions.

The data is anonymised, so if you don’t want to reveal your personal details, you don, but the app is available on Android and iOS.

In the premium app, you can also create and save accounts to view your portfolio and to manage your accounts.

You can also share your investments with family members, your friends and the company that owns your investment property.

360 Wealth manages a range of asset classes, including shares, bonds, mutual funds and equities, and is used by more than 100,000 clients across the globe.

It’s the brainchild of Bernstein Wealth Management’s Ben Bernstein and his partner Mark Schreiner.

You’ll need to log in to 360 Wealth management and log into your existing wealth management account.

After you log in, you’ll see a screen with information about your investments, including a list of investments you have, a total net worth and a number of the assets on your portfolio.

It also gives you a look at your assets as a percent of your wealth.

You also get a summary of your portfolio for each asset class.

The more assets you have on your investments the better your portfolio will be, and you can view your balance, which is the sum of all your investments.

It doesn’t matter how many of your holdings are in one asset class or the other.

You just need to look at them.

You could also use it to create a portfolio and compare assets from different investments to get an idea of your risk profile.

The goal is to provide a platform that helps you keep track of your money and get a good idea of how much money you’re going to need to retire at the end of the year.

This is the same platform that lets you track your financial health on your smartphone.

But 360 Wealth doesn’t have to be that kind of platform.

If you’re looking to keep track and improve your wealth, it can help.