Posted November 10, 2018 06:36:01 A lot of people have been searching for ways to track their money online using bitcoin, but it’s a difficult process.

Fortunately, one of the leading bitcoin wallet providers, Aog, has just introduced a new app that’s designed to do just that.

The app, which costs $0.99 on iOS and $1.99 in the Google Play Store, uses the same technology as other online wallets like Coinbase and Blockchain, but instead of relying on a third-party service like Coinbase, it uses your phone’s built-in bitcoin wallet to store your funds.

This means that it’s far more secure than other wallet apps, and it’s the first app to be built with the Bitcoin Core bitcoin protocol in mind.

What’s even more impressive about Aog’s wallet is that it only requires an internet connection to operate.

All you have to do is download the app, open it up, and then you’re good to go.

“We wanted to offer an option for people who are trying to save money on their mobile devices,” Aog CEO John Jancic told Ars Technia.

“The best way to do this is to use the app on your phone.”

Aog Wallet is built to be as simple and secure as possible for those that are trying out the cryptocurrency.

There are two ways to use Aog: you can use it to send money to a friend or a family member, or you can store money on your smartphone.

The former, of course, is the most popular method, but the latter can also be useful for those who want to get into cryptocurrency.

Users who choose to store money in their phone’s wallet can do so without the need for a bank account or a physical address.

They can store a single bitcoin wallet on their phone, or they can store hundreds of bitcoin wallets on a single device.

Aog will even let you store a third party’s wallet on your mobile phone, too.

Users can choose to sync their money from their mobile phone to the bitcoin wallet of their choice, or simply store it in a virtual wallet like the one Aog uses.

Users also have the option of purchasing an additional bitcoin wallet for $0 to $25.

That’s a $10 discount over Coinbase and $15 cheaper than Coinbase’s $25 fee.

Users need to sign in with a phone number that matches the email address of their Aog account.

Once signed in, they can then choose to send their bitcoin to friends or family members via Aog.

A small but noticeable difference between Aog and Coinbase is that Aog only requires a 3G network connection to run.

There’s also no need to set up any accounts, and users can also access their funds from anywhere in the world.

A lot can be done with the Aog app, but Jancics said that AOG will also be adding a “better way” to track funds with a few days before it goes live.

“It will be an integrated wallet that has a better interface to manage your account,” he said.

“There’s an API that you can get for the wallet, and the API will give you a better way to manage bitcoin.”

For more information on Aog or its wallet, check out the company’s blog post here.