Goldman Sachs has acquired a majority stake in an investment fund called Cascade West, according to a news release.

The Cascades West fund was launched in January by a consortium of private equity firms led by private equity firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, according the release.

Goldman Sachs also has a minority ownership stake in several other investment funds.

The investment fund has assets of $4.2 billion, according data from Morningstar, which tracks publicly traded equity funds.

Goldman also has invested in several smaller funds, according

The Cascadian West fund aims to be a diversified portfolio with a mix of large and small cap funds, with a focus on Asia-Pacific.

Goldman Sachs has been working with Cascaders West for several months, according a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman.

CascaderWest aims to “enable the best companies to take advantage of the emerging global financial markets, while providing an alternative for investors to manage their wealth,” the statement said.

Goldmans investments in the region have included investment in China’s state-owned CNOOC group and a stake worth $1 billion in CAG Group.

Goldsmiths investment in Cascaded West was a “transformational investment,” the spokesperson said.

It is expected to generate between $2 billion and $3 billion over five years.