Altium Wealth Management, an online asset management platform, is to launch in India, with the first product to be launched on its new platform being the Indian equivalent of an offshore bank account.

India is currently the only market where Altium will be able to offer an online service, but the company has not made a formal announcement.

Altium, which was founded by co-founders Rajiv Mishra and Ajay Kumar on October 31, is working on a number of different business ventures, including the acquisition of Flipkart.

The company said the new platform will allow customers to track their assets and track their savings and investments through its proprietary technology.

The platform will also provide financial advisory services, as well as access to the vast number of other Altium products, the company said in a statement.

The company has invested in over 50 startups, including its own, in India and plans to further expand its portfolio in the coming months.

In India, Altium is the second largest asset manager in the country, after KPMG, with $18 billion in assets.

The firm is also currently seeking funding from institutional investors.

Altia said it was working with a number companies in India to create its products.