In 2017, John Kuchera and Bill Ackmans first founded Liberty Global, a wealth management firm to help individuals save for their retirement.

The firm’s focus is on building a sustainable, transparent, and ethical wealth management system that can be leveraged to create wealth for individuals and businesses, as well as a long-term vision for the American economy.

Liberty Global has been in operation since 2011 and now has about $7.5 billion under management, according to the firm’s website.

KucherAckman, who is known for his long history of philanthropy and public speaking, founded Liberty in 2011 with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and entrepreneurs themselves to make a better business.

The founding team includes billionaire investor Carl Icahn, philanthropist Mark Cuban, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also serves as a board member.

Kuchnera was a founding partner of Liberty Global and helped bring the firm into the mainstream.

KucherAckmans initial goal for Liberty Global was to help consumers make money while saving for retirement, and he and his partners were inspired by their experiences in building hedge funds that were successful at investing in tech stocks, according the company’s website, adding that they realized “the true value of investing in small businesses.”

Kuchers wealth management strategy focuses on diversifying investments into the right investments and using the right tools to track the returns on these investments.

The two main strategies they use are a stock picker, and a portfolio manager, the firm explained in a 2016 blog post.

Ackhams first investment, according an investor blog, was in Apple stock in 2005.

The investor blog noted that Ackman’s investments in the firm included a stake in Microsoft, Google, and Uber, as he later told CNBC in 2016 that his portfolio was worth $1.7 billion.

A second investment was in Goldman Sachs, a fund founded by former Wall Street titans Paulson and Sachs.

Ackman said in 2017 that his investments in Goldman were worth $2.5 trillion.

He also said that he and other Goldman executives helped to fund the development of the online trading platform called Uber.

A third investment was a $50 million investment in a software firm called Nextdoor.

The blog noted the fund also invested in a technology startup called Lyft.

Kuchinama was the first hedge fund executive to take the helm of a major hedge fund, according Bloomberg.

Kuchers first hedge funding venture was for CapitalGain, a hedge fund that was launched in 2015 by Kuchmera, Ackman, and billionaire investor Peter Thiel.

The pair said at the time that the investment in CapitalGage was one of the most lucrative venture investments in history.

A year later, they announced that they had raised $15 billion to fund CapitalGaine.

CapitalGain has since been bought by hedge fund titan George Soros.

Kuchinama told Bloomberg that he was disappointed that the venture was not successful.

In 2018, he said that Soros had not given him a single cent in return for Capital Gage.

The fund is currently trading at about $15.25, according its website.

The Koch brothers are a billionaire philanthropists who have been involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors.

The brothers were founded by their father Charles Koch, who died in 2014.

They are the third richest people in the world, according Forbes.

The Kochs are also members of the billionaire class and, through their foundations, have funded many causes including environmental protection and climate change.

The brothers, who have spent a combined $2 billion on philanthropic causes since 2000, have been very vocal about their philanthropic activities, with a 2015 video showing them speaking about climate change and saying, “We have no choice but to fight it.”

In a 2016 interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Kochs brother David said that the Kochs were focused on a “long-term” vision for America.

“They’ve been very good stewards of their money and they’ve done a very good job of keeping their money safe,” David said.

David Koch has also spoken out about his plans for the Koch’s charitable work, saying,In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Koch said, “If I can say anything to the Koch brothers, it’s that they’re going to have to work harder to get the best out of their resources, but I don’t know how much longer that’s going to be possible.

We’ll see.”