Southern wealth managers have an edge on the rest of the market when it comes to buying a home in Ireland.

The average price of an estate in Northern Ireland is more than 10 times the average price in Ireland and is worth more than double that in Scotland, according to data from the Land Registry.

The average value of a home is almost four times higher in Northern Irish estates than it is in Scotland.

The Northern Irish property market has been hit by the economic downturn and the Northern Ireland’s average house price has fallen by more than 80% over the past decade.

In Scotland, house prices are at an all-time high.

The median value of an Irish house is £2.3m, compared with a £1.6m value in Scotland and £2m in Northern England.

In the Northern Irish market, the average house is worth £1,000 more than in the other countries.

In Northern Ireland, a home can be bought for just under €7,000.

The Southern Irish property sector has also been hit hard by the recession.

The number of sales in the sector dropped by more in Northern Europe than the rest.

In England, there were only 17,000 sales in 2012, compared to over 50,000 in Northern Italy and Wales.

In Northern Ireland there are also fewer than 4,000 house sales a year, compared, for example, to around 11,000 for the UK as a whole.

A key factor is the high cost of living in the North.

The price of a house in Ireland can be double that of an equivalent house in London, for instance.

It can cost over €5,000 to buy a house there, compared as in London.

The cheapest house in the country in Ireland is in Kilkenny, in the county of Cork.